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Busy Month

It's been a busy month for our family. Last month in our newsletter, we shared a video that gave a glimpse of our "normal" daily rhythms. Since then, life has picked up quite a bit with some extra events, as well as some new ministry opportunities. It's exciting, and it's keeping us busy! A Trip to Laos
We crossed the 3 month mark of living here in Thailand, and our current visas require us to leave the country every 90 days. So we took our first trip up to immigration and hopped across the border into LaosClick below to see what that was like:Border run to Laos. Teaching English
David and Sophie got the opportunity to help teach at an English camp for Thai children. They had lots of fun, and the camp opened up doors for some of our teammates to share the Gospel with some of the parents. One of these men now desires to study the Bible. Please pray that God would continue to draw him and others through the truths shared at this camp.

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