Extraordinary Things

We are engulfed by the extraordinary every day. We just live in such a way that we miss it most of the time. God has been kind over these last few months to open our eyes to see some of the extraordinary that He has been weaving together. 

The end of July took us back to Tallahassee- where the roots of our relationship were planted and the starting place for our married lives. It was a joy to catch up with dear friends and worship once again with Four Oaks Church, while recounting the faithfulness of the One who has brought us out of darkness and into His glorious light. The memories that resurfaced of our early marriage were an extraordinary reminder of the grace and kindness that God has woven into the fabric of our lives, and we look back at all that He has done and give Him the praise and glory!
A few highlights from our Tallahassee visit... It was such a joy to introduce our children to dear friends and take them to visit some of our favorite sites in Tallahassee!
In August, we visited Crossway in Charlotte, the church that planted our own church here in the lowcountry of South Carolina. It "happened" to be our church's fifth anniversary that day, which opened our eyes to see an extraordinary chain of events that led to our family's call to Isaan. Had Crossway not been faithful to plant our church back in 2011 (more than a year before we even knew we would be moving to SC), we would never have been a part of Sovereign Grace Church of the Lowcountry, met the Weindelmayer family last March, heard about Isaan, and we would not be preparing to go be a part of bringing the Gospel to a people group of 22 million who have never heard about King Jesus and all that He has done for them. It's still just a tiny reminder of God's faithfulness in weaving together each of our tiny acts of obedience into the extraordinary story of His glory! Our hearts are encouraged by His faithfulness, and we hope that yours are as well!
A few things...
1. Our t-shirt fundraiser was a huge success! THANK YOU so much to everyone who participated! We have had many requests to purchase more, and so we will be possibly running another sale soon... we will keep you posted on the dates!
2. Since our last newsletter, we reached the point where we needed to start preparations to leave if we were going to deploy this fall as we had planned. We are not far enough with our support raising to be able to leave at this time, and we will continue to wait on the Lord for His perfect timing. The earliest we will be leaving now is March. Thank you to all who are giving! We are so grateful for your faithfulness!
3. Our house is under contract! After a crazy week on the market (16 showings!), we are under contract and will hopefully close at the end of October. At that point, we will be downsizing to an apartment for the remainder of our time here in SC. 
He is doing extraordinary things in each and every day of our lives! Oh, that our eyes would be opened to the daily miracles that our God is weaving together in the tapestry of our lives!

And amazement seized them all, and they glorified God and were filled with awe, saying, “We have seen extraordinary things today.”  Luke 5:26
David and Mandy
Sophie, Judah, and Christian


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