Food For Thought

"Meals bring mission into the ordinary. But that’s where most people are—living in the ordinary. That’s where we need to go to reach them" (Tim Chester, A Meal With Jesus). 

Chicken on a stick- one of our favorite meals during our survey of Isaan.
It's been said that food is the greatest cross-cultural unifier. All peoples eat, and in many cultures, meals are a shared, relational experience. What we eat is deeply embedded into our cultural identity and plays a part in telling the story of who we are and where we've come from. 
One of the ways that our family has enjoyed getting our feet wet in Thai culture has been by learning to cook and eat more like Thais. We especially love to share these meals with friends around the table and to feel the connection to Thai culture with them through spice and flavor. Inevitably, someone at the table asks, "should I use my fork?" or "how would a Thai person eat this?" and our taste of Thailand becomes a shared cultural experience. 
Many of you live too far away to gather at the table with us, and we wanted to find a way to invite you into the experience. We have made recipe cards of some of our favorite Thai dishes, and we hope that you will enjoy these Thai flavors as much as we do. They are regulars in our home, and we love the constant reminder that comes to us through our meals to pray for God to do a great work among the people of Isaan. We would love for you to join us in that! If you aren't sure that we have your mailing address, please send it to us by responding to this email so that we can send some of our favorite Thai recipes to your family!

We are so grateful for your prayers, your generous support, and your love! Thank you for walking this journey with us.
Much love,
the Englands



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