Church Planting In Isaan

In March of 2015, God unexpectedly redirected our lives when He called our family to be a part of a missionary team to the unreached people group of Isaan in northeastern Thailand. 
With a population of 21 million, only .2% are evangelical Christians (ie, 2 Christians per thousand people), and there are huge stretches of provinces with no known gospel presence at all. They have no written language, so they currently cannot even read the Bible in their native Isaan dialect. Without the intervention of the Most High God, most of these people will spend their lives bowing before carved images in hopes of obtaining favor and will die having never had the opportunity to hear about the God who created them to worship His great name. He is worthy to be worshiped among all the peoples, including the Isaan! 
Theravada buddhism is the primary religion of Thailand, practiced by 93% of Thais. In Isaan, most people practice a combination of buddhism and animism. Their religious rituals are fueled by fear and a never-ending cycle of merit making. They have no eternal hope
At this time, our team consists of six adults and eleven children who are partnering together to reach four counties in Isaan's northeastern province, Nakhon Phanom... an area that currently has no known churches, no gospel presence.
Our hope is to see a culturally-authentic church planting movementin Isaan, Thailand.
Click above to hear our kiddos describe the mission. :)
How Can You Partner?
We are being sent by our church through the sending organization Pioneers, and we are planning to be in Thailand for at least the next decade. During this time, we will be living on monthly financial partnership.
Currently, we are at almost 80% of our monthly partnership goal. 
The infographic below depicts our remaining need. Those 17 people on the chart represent the remaining monthly partners we need to come along side us so that we can deploy. Can you see yourself as one of them?
If you feel called to send us by partnering with us in this mission through monthly giving, you can click on the link below:
Connect and Pray
You can read more about our journey or about our survey trip to Thailand on our blog, We also have a monthly newsletter in which we share ways that you can be praying for Isaan and for our family. You can sign up for the newsletter here. We are so grateful for your partnership in this mission!
And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. -Luke 10:2

Please consider passing this on to any pastors or close friends that you feel may be interested in partnering with us. 
Much love,
The Englands
David and Mandy
Sophie, Judah, Christian, and Silas


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