Drinking Coffee From a Bag

Here we are at seven months out from when we hope to move to the field, and it's hard to explain what life feels like right now. But it's kind of like drinking coffee from a bag, in a cup. I'll explain.

One of the Thai quirks that we fell in love with on our survey trip was the way that coffee was served not in a cup, but in a knotted plastic bag with a straw punched through the top.
Now, in Thailand, they usually put this bag inside a paper bag to help it stand (and sometimes even put the paper bag inside another plastic bag with convenient handles); but as we've been recreating this Thai novelty here in the States, we only have the one bubble bag, and once we make our coffee, we have no way to set the bag down. Inevitably, we resort to putting our bag of coffee into a cup for the stability, at which point the whole experience begins to seem a bit contrived and pointless.  
And that is kind of how life feels right now- our hearts are called for Isaan, and we feel marked for that purpose, but this period of waiting seems a bit like being bundled in a bag and then set in a cup. God is faithful, and we whole-heartedly believe that this time of preparation is for our good and for His glory. Nonetheless, it is confusing for us at times as we do our best to balance being "all here" while faithfully bearing the burden for Isaan that God has placed on our hearts and preparing to spend the next decade of our lives in a completely different culture. 
So what are we doing right now?


We still need many more partners before we can go.

This is a picture from the roof of our hotel in That Phanom, showing just a small stretch of the houses along the Mekong River (that is Laos on the other side of the water). There are no known believers here, and there is no church. We feel called to plant our lives in this area of Isaan for the sake of the gospel, but we cannot go unless we are sent.

Will you prayerfully consider 
partnering with us in bringing the good news of the Kingdom to Isaan?

If each person reading this newsletter would commit to partnering with us at $25-$50 a month, we would be fully supported in this mission! Please consider whether God may be calling you to play such a role in bringing the Kingdom of God to Isaan. You can join our team by clicking the link below or mailing a check with our Pioneers account number (112338) to:
attn: Finance
10123 William Carey Dr.
Orlando, FL 32832

Our hearts are encouraged by the way that God is drawing many of you to participate in this mission through giving. Please join us in praying for God's continued provision as He knits more "fellow workers for the truth" into His story of proclaiming salvation to Isaan (3 John 8). 
Love in Christ,
The Englands


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